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4 Genius Moving Tips Everyone Should Know

moving tipsMoving is a fact of life for most people. Whether you are moving apartments, moving into your dream home, or being relocated for a new job, moving can be an exciting and stressful time. Here are a few moving tips from Southern Cal Moving & Storage that will help you make your moving experience just a bit easier.

1. Cheap Boxes

Sometimes it makes sense to purchase boxes, but it sometimes is nice to score a few good ones for free. With many people ordering goods online, cardboard boxes are in great supply. Check online classified sites such as craigslist for listings of free moving boxes. You can also check your local community Facebook page for posts regarding boxes. When in doubt, ask your local grocery store when boxes may be available from shipment. If you are in a hurry, you can purchase moving supplies through your moving company.

2. Information Binder

When you are moving, everything gets turned upside down. Sometimes in the middle of a move you may need important documents. Create a binder with protective sleeves to hold important documents such as birth certificates, mortgage agreements, insurance, etc. This will help cut down on any last minute searching through boxes for crucial paperwork.

3. First Day Box

Pack a “first day box” with the most important items that you will need on your first day in your new place. That way you can easily identify where those items are and get to them quickly.

4. One Box at a Time

When you open a box, make sure that you completely put the items away before moving on to the next one. If you keep opening mystery boxes to see what is inside, you will end up with a roomful of half emptied boxes and a nervous breakdown. One box at a time will help you slowly organize your new place.

If you would like more moving tips, or need help moving into your new home, call Southern Cal Moving & Storage at 951-520-8800.

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