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5 Tips for Making a Moving Budget


Without even realizing, moving can become rather expensive to you and your family. Once you’ve taken into consideration the cost of the movers, moving supplies, storage and other important necessities, you’ll begin to see that it all adds up. At Southern Cal Moving, we’ve put together the following 5 tips to keep you from overspending when it comes to moving home.

Sell Unwanted Items

Before a move, it’s a good idea to host a yard sale, or sell items you no longer need or want, online or in the local press. Not only will you be getting rid of things that no longer serve a purpose to you, but you will also be making some cash in the process. Win!

Use Recycled Moving Supplies

Moving supplies can in fact be quite costly. Some companies offer moving supply packages at a cheaper cost, but using recycle moving supplies will work out even cheaper. There are a number of companies throughout the country who supply movers with used and recycled moving supplies. Find out more from Southern Cal Moving.

Pack as Much into your Car as Possible

If you are using a moving company, they should be able to fit most of your larger items into their van(s). To try and save on additional trips to and from your new home, which will ultimately save time and fuel, pack your car as best as possible. Consider swapping boxes for bags (as these fit better), and if your car seats fold down, do it for maximum space.

Reuse your Belongings

If you want new furniture for your new home, don’t rush out and buy it. Why not look into doing some fun and creative at home projects by transforming old and tired furniture into new pieces for your home?

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