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How to Eliminate Pests in California

Known for sunshine and year-round balmy weather, Southern California is the last place you would expect to find a concentration of dangerous, irritating pests. However, as temperatures rise all over the world and weather patterns begin to shift, many places are experiencing unusual surges in pest activity. Pests in Southern California are becoming more of a problem than ever before, and it is important that homeowners and renters be prepared to combat pests and deal with pest-related damages. And if your pests are of the human-kind, you might want to consider changing your locks.

SoCal is home to a variety of pests, including insects like ants, bed bugs, fleas, and roaches. It also tends to host large populations of disease-carrying rodents. As top-tier movers serving the SoCal area strategically from Corona, CA, Southern Cal Moving & Storage is well-versed in many methods of pest extraction and control.

Types of Pests in Southern California

SoCal sees a large variety of insects and insect infestations. Poisonous spiders in Southern California are particularly worrisome. There are several kinds of venomous spiders local to California, including the black widow spider, the brown widow spider, and the yellow sac spider. Southern California is particularly spider-friendly and also has large populations of two other dangerous spider species: the desert recluse spider and the Chilean recluse spider. There are many ways to deal with spider infestations in houses and apartments. For large spiders, pest control services include spider traps and the use of powerful insecticides. If you would prefer a more environmentally-friendly spider-repellant, peppermint oil and vinegar are both known to naturally repel spiders.

Roaches in Southern California can also be a problem for homeowners. California is home to several different species of roach, including: the German cockroach, the brown-banded cockroach, the oriental cockroach, the American cockroach, and the Turkestan cockroach. All of these species are considered pests due to their tendency to infest homes. Roaches are notoriously difficult to kill; however, there are a few control methods for roach populations. Keeping your home clean, limiting insect access points, and using insect baits are all good options for roach control.

Stinging insects in California are responsible for many dangerous bites every year. Bees, yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps can call be found in Southern California. It is important to use insect repellants in areas that see large amounts of stringing insects. When enjoying the natural beauty of California, it is also important to check for swarms and hives.

For homeowners and renters in SoCal, one of the most destructive pests are termites. Termites are known for the damage they inflict on wood, and they are particularly dangerous to homes and the wooden foundations of decks and boat docks. You may be wondering, how common are termites in Southern California? Unfortunately, termite infestations are very common in SoCal, and the quickest, most effective solution is usually fumigation, which involves using environmentally dangerous gasses in your home. However, some pest control professionals offer chemical-free solutions to termite infestation.

Planning a SoCal Move

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