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How to Move Your Clothes

Moving ClothesMoving home can be an excellent opportunity to get rid of clothes that you no longer want or need. At the same time, it’s highly important to know how to carefully pack and move your clothes to your new home. By reading these tips from Southern Cal Moving, you’ll better understand how to move your clothes to a new home.

Get Rid of what You Don’t Need

Most of us own clothing that we have held onto and not worn in a long time. A move is a great time to finally take the plunge and get rid of your old clothes. You can sell unwanted clothes, recycle them, give them to charity, or if they are in bad condition, throw them away.

Have Moving Clothes Ready

You will need to keep some clothes to hand when moving. For example, you will need clothes to wear on the day, and surrounding the day of the move. If you have to attend work not long after you’ve moved home, keep these clothes separate and easy to access.

Organize your Clothes by Season

Arranging your clothes into seasons can make them a lot easier to unpack. For example, if you are moving during summer, you won’t need to unpack your winter clothes until later in the year. This can save a lot of work and hassle when you reach your new home.

Pack Using Suitcases

Suitcases are built to hold clothes and other accessories. It therefore makes sense to use suitcases or holdalls to pack your clothes in during a move. Otherwise, you would have to move your clothes in bags, and therefore move with empty suitcases separately – seems pointless and doesn’t save on space. If you are left with items of clothing that won’t fit in your baggage, use black bags as opposed to boxes, as these take up less room during the transit.

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