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Should I Switch to LED Lights

Lighting can make a house look good.
The kitchen will look spectacular.
The living room will be a cozy place.
And when your friends go to the bathroom, they will notice they look great.
The perfect lighting in a house is so important to make things look good. And now that you are moving into a new place, it’s time to think about one more upgrade.
These days, LED lighting is not just a fad. It’s something you should do.
Not only does LED lighting save 75% on your electric bill, but it will make your new home shine.
But there are all kinds of LED lights. What is the best to choose?
Here’s a guide to make the switch to LED lights.


Back in the early 2000s LED lights could set you back about $50 for a good bulb. But these days you can walk into a store and see an entire aisle of LED light bulbs. And most cost about $5.
But what is right for you?
The kinds of LED light bulbs range from bulbs perfect for a kitchen and ones perfect for your bathroom.
So, where to starts?
We all know what a 60-watt light bulb is.
But LED lights don’t use that. They use Lumens to measure. And the equivalent is about 800 Lumens.
A 100-watt bulb is a bout 1,600 Lumens.
Most stores will list the watt equivalent on the box.
The next thing you will have to look at is the glow you want. There is a cool or a warm glow.
One might be good for a hallway for brightness, the other for a lamp.


Now that you have new cabinets, it’s time to make them pop.
12v LED lights for home use is one way to do this.
So, what are they used for?
While 12v lighting is not made for most of your house, they can light up parts of your kitchen. Or even the outside of your house.
They are perfect for accent lighting.


If you have ever touched a light bulb you can feel the heat.
But with an LED light bulb there is little loss of heat. This also is why there is so much savings when you get your electric bill.
While the upfront cost of a LED light bulb is more than an incandescent bulb, the cost over time is big savings.
A standard bulb lasts about 2,000 hours. While a LED light is about 20,000 hours. Not only will you have to buy fewer over time but the cost is cheaper on your electric bill.
Big box stores estimate that the average savings of an LED light bulb is about $83 over the life of the bulb.


Many people these days are working from home. But sitting at the dining room table on the computer may not give you proper lighting.
One way to have that office setting at home is to install commercial LED office lighting.
So, what is this?
When you go into an office and see that bright light, it comes from good lighting.
The light fixtures are about 4-feet long and attach to the ceiling.
Since you want a good work environment, you may want to consider switching to this.


The pros: You will save money over time on your electric bill. And when you consider all the lights in your home this could be a lot of money.
You also will be helping the environment. Bulbs like fluorescent use mercury. LED light bulbs do not.
You also will not have to change an LED light for a long time and worry about breaking your kitchen light when you change a bulb.
The cons: There is a higher cost to replace the bulbs, but the savings will be worth it.


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