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Tips for Setting up Your New Kitchen

Setting up Your New Kitchen in Corona, CAMoving to a new home is an excellent opportunity to organize your kitchen to exactly how you want it. At Southern Cal Moving, we have compiled steps on how to best set up your new kitchen.

Begin with Silverware

Putting your silverware in an easy to reach place is best. If you have a drawer close to the sink or dishwasher, put your cutlery tray there for your silverware.

Everyday Dishes

It would be beneficial and easier if everyday dishes were also located next to the dishwasher or sink. The best place for dishes to go is in a cabinet. However, you may want to think about a nice plate stand that can sit on the worktop. This would make it easier for you to pick up and put away your dishes.

Storing Utensils and Pots

Utensils and pots tend to be less of a priority in the kitchen. This is why they are often stored in low down cabinets. Organization is key, so purchasing a utensil organizer may be a good idea. On the same note, try and organize pots and pans in terms of size; biggest on bottom and smallest on top.

Cookbooks and Bits and Bobs

There always tends to be miscellaneous items found in every kitchen. If you are a cookbook owner, they may be best displayed on an island or nice bookshelf feature in your kitchen. Dot any ornaments you have around the kitchen to make it feel homely.

Get in Touch to Find out More

There are a number of things we can help you with here at Southern Cal Moving. If you would like more moving tips, or need help moving into your new home, call us at 951-520-8800 or contact us online today.

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