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Using Solar Panels

Summer is here, and in SoCal that means sunshine—and lots of it! If you’re keen to beat the heat, then we at Southern Cal Moving & Storage recommend investing in solar panels for your new home. What could be better than saving money—and the planet—at the same time?

Solar Power Saves Money

California produces more solar power than any other state in the U.S., and our state offers many financial incentives for homeowners looking to reduce their energy footprint. When you invest in solar energy systems in California, you can expect to have a payback period of less than 6 years—which is the lowest payback time for solar panels in the country. The Net Energy Metering program also allows homeowners in SoCal to sell excess sun-produced electricity, which cuts electric costs.

Although solar panel installation costs, on average, about $20,000, utilizing solar power can save your family money in the long run, due to its ability to offset high electricity costs. Federal programs even offer tax cuts for a percentage of the price of solar panel installation in order to encourage homeowners to invest in renewable solar energy. Besides, if you’re looking to sell your home in the future, the United States Department of Energy calculates that solar panels can increase the value of your home by as much as $15,000!

Solar Power Saves the Planet

Whether you’re new to SoCal or you’re a native of the Golden State, you’re probably already familiar with California’s reputation as one of the sunniest and most temperate climates in the nation. Because solar power is a renewable resource, and its one that SoCal has in such steady supply year-round, solar panels offer homeowners in SoCal the opportunity to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn, protects our beautiful planet from the ravaging effects of global warming and climate change. If you care about the environment, and all the humans and animals who depend upon it—then solar panels are always worth it.

Choosing a Moving Company that Cares

You want to save money and protect the environment by preserving your local ecosystem, and Southern Cal Moving & Storage wants to help you achieve these goals by offering you a safe, affordable moving service. If you have already installed solar panels and are looking to cash in on your increased home value by selling your home and relocating, then Southern Cal Moving & Storage is here to help make the move to your new home a comfortable and affordable one. Enlisting the help of an established California moving company, like Southern Cal Moving & Storage, ensures your relocation experience is a good one—whether you are moving to the area or planning a long-distance move. Local to Corona, California, Southern Cal Moving & Storage is a great choice for homeowners or renters looking for a moving company in Riverside, CA or the surrounding area. Call us today at 951-520-8800 to schedule your next move.

And if you’ve already moved and want to know what to do with your now-empty moving boxes, our friends at Lee’s Moving have some ideas for you!

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